Entries from June 2007

It’s all about finding the right motivation…

Date June 20, 2007

I’m trying to get better about including pictures in these posts. Our new digital camera helps! The boys have been bugging Julie to let them watch a movie. Last night, they ran out of time. This evening, after dinner, she told them they just needed to get the house picked up and then they could [...]

And the shoe yet lingers in the air…

Date June 20, 2007

I missed hitting the gym this morning because Julie opted for us to talk when the alarm went off at 4:45 AM rather than last night. She did some calling around today to find out more about the school and details on the bus route (yes, she actually talked to the district’s bus route manager). [...]

And the shoe…might…just…DROP!

Date June 19, 2007

I’ve been waiting for this day. Really, I have. Ever since we set the wheels in motion on this whole relocation to Ohio, things have gone pretty darn smoothly. Almost toooooo smoothly <cue Twilight Zonemusic>. First, it was really easy for me to enter the job market. Without too much wait and without too much [...]

"Tell me one more time what you do…?"

Date June 17, 2007

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what exactly I do at my new job. Sitting in the airport in Columbus waiting for our (delayed) flight, this seemed like a halfway decent topic to tackle. Quick house update: we’ve found two houses that we really like in Dublin, Ohio. We’ve written up offers for [...]

Killing Time in Columbus

Date June 16, 2007

Julie is on Day 3 of the on-site home search in Columbus. I’m on Day 1. We’ve actually got it narrowed down to two houses, one of which is (we think) a clear frontrunner. Guess which one is more expensive? We’ve definitely narrowed the search down to Dublin, Ohio, which has lots of trees and [...]

Picking baseball players like her mother picks wine, in a way

Date June 14, 2007

Julie, who is up in Ohio as the advance team for our blitzkrieg-style home search that will wrap up Sunday morning, chooses wine and beer based on how much the artwork on the label strikes her fancy. Neither one of us has a particularly refined palate, and we really don’t drink all that much wine [...]

T-ball, anyone?

Date June 12, 2007

Carson is officially on the baseball path now. He started a summer T-ball league on Monday night. He actually missed the first practice, which was on Saturday. But, he’s got another practice on Thursday. He’ll practice on Mondays and, normally, play games on Thursdays. He’s on par with the other kids his age when it [...]

Tim’s GFCI Saga — Epilogue

Date June 12, 2007

That last outlet in the master bathroom yielded a surprise — it’s on the same circuit as the other bathroom…and the garage. Pretty nifty, in that a single GFCI outlet can protect all three. It would’ve been niftier if I’d figured that out and tracked down which was most upstream in the circuit from the [...]

$500 to install GFCI outlets? That’s outRAGEous! It seemed.

Date June 10, 2007

Ahhhhh. The joys of selling a 30-year-old house. One of the items our buyer’s inspector turned up was that we didn’t have GFCI-protected outlets in our kitchen and bathrooms. This was pretty obvious, and we’re both surprised that it’s not something we’d already taken care of — surely it showed up when we had the [...]

Jesters and the Chessmaster

Date June 9, 2007

I’m a bit delinquent in getting a picture of Benton at the chessboard up — the last picture here really applies more to an earlier posting. As for the jesters, my new company had it’s quarterly outing on Thursday night. All employees and their families/significant others went bowling. Along with the bowling was a crazy [...]