Fifth Disease

Date July 2, 2007

I somehow neglected to mention that Carson came down with Fifth Disease some time in the past few weeks. It’s a contagious-but-not-serious disease that manifests itself as a rash on the face that can migrate down to the trunk and limbs (which it has now done in Carson’s case). Carson feels fine, for the most part. He has continued to go to T-ball practice and games (and love them!) and be no more temperamental than he usually is. He’s had a little soreness here and there, but nothing that is really making him miserable.

Carson is no longer contagious…but there was no way to tell if Alana and Benton were infected, and they are potentially contagious. So, rather than visiting several folks with sensitive immune systems in Dallas over the weekend, we headed south to San Antonio to visit Kitty (my mother’s cousin on her mom’s side) and Steve Massey and their dog Kayla. That’s always a fun trip, as their house backs up to a golf course that has custom golf balls, and we’ve developed several traditions over the past few years of visits: playing croquet, eating Rudy’s barbecue, taking off our shoes and running around on the green behind their house with flashlights after dark.

Actually, croquet and Kitty will be forever intertwined in Benton’s memory. Benton’s first exposure to croquet was at their house when he was 3 or 4 years old. I don’t think they were playing croquet (I don’t think I was there, actually — I either didn’t make that trip or it was the trip where I went down for the first part but then caught a plane out to San Diego for a conference). While Kitty and Benton were playing with the croquet set, Benton took a croquet ball and threw it straight up in the air. He turned his face skyward to watch what happened. And, thus, in an unintentional homage to Sir Isaac Newton…he discovered gravity. The big lump in the middle of his forehead reinforced the lesson for the next week or so.

We found out just before our trip this weekend that Steve has an uncle who lives in Dublin, Ohio, so we’re hoping we will continue to get to visit with them in person every so often.

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