What Does It Take to Get Julie to Tie a Dog Up in the Backyard?

Date August 21, 2007

Molly found out today.

Julie, her mom, and the kids headed to the boys’ school this morning while I made a Lowe’s run. We left the dogs inside, since our new house does not have a fenced backyard. That is, our new house with white carpet in many of the rooms (this becomes important shortly) does not have a fenced backyard. They were unattended for maybe an hour-and-a-half. Molly proceeded to pee in my office. On the white carpet. And took a crap. On the white carpet. And found some sort of plastic bag to destroy.

When I returned home, Molly was staked to a leader in the backyard, where she spent the better part of the remainder of the day. Julie announced that we would be scrubbing out Molly’s kennel, as she would, henceforth and forthwith, be crated any time she was left unattended in the house!

I did, with Benton’s help, successfully add a new circuit in the basement to run 220V for my table saw. Unfortunately, the table saw does not seem to work. This may be related to the movers dropping it on its side when they were unloading it. I’ll be dismantling parts of that shortly to see if I can find the source of the problem — the easy check was that I’m getting 220V to the new outlet, so that’s not the problem.

We had a "new family orientation" at the kids’ school this evening and went from there out to dinner. With luck, Julie’s brother will be arriving on Thursday to finish up my office. So far, the only change from the shape it was in when I arrived on Saturday night is the office chair we picked up off of craigslist yesterday. There are entirely too many un-doored openings to make it functional as of yet. But, the monsoon that has been blowing through northern Ohio has kept Brett homebound, so I’m hoping for better weather soon!

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