Entries from August 2007

Google ROCKS!

Date August 19, 2007

Tim’s departure from Dripping Springs: 1:55 AM (CDT), Saturday morning Arrival in Dublin, OH: 10:22 PM (EDT), Saturday evening Google trip time estimate: 19h 42m Actual trip time: 19h 27m That’s a variance of 1.3% by my reckoning, which ain’t bad! Unfortunately, Molly didn’t take off either time that I let the dogs out of [...]

Signing off for a few days

Date August 17, 2007

T-minus two weeks to some semblance of normalcy in the Wilson household. I hope. I’m heading out at the pre-crack of dawn on Saturday morning with the dogs and a truck bed full of miscellaneous stuff that the movers did not or could not take for one reason or another. Google says it’s 19 hours [...]

Purple Toes, As Promised

Date August 15, 2007

Not the highest quality picture, but sufficient “proof” that Alana’s toes have indeed been lacquered. Come to think of it, I don’t know that I can remember a time that her mother had her toenails painted. Fingernails? Maybe twice in the last 15 years? I, of course, had my own fingernail-painting phase. But that was [...]

Back to school, back tothe farm…prep work

Date August 14, 2007

Julie sent me the above picture from her cell phone this morning. Yesterday, we chatted briefly, and she mentioned that she had taken the kids shoe shopping and walked out of the store with six pairs of shoes. From left to right: boots (for the farm) for Benton, tennis shoes for Benton, jungle mocs for [...]

Settling In. Or, rather, heading steadily in that direction

Date August 12, 2007

Julie closed on the house on Friday afternoon, then picked up the kids from the Leathermans’ house and detoured back to the house so they could see their new home en route to Wadsworth. Grandma Pam had the kids through the weekend while Bob and Julie (and, separately, Brett) headed out early Saturday morning to [...]

And. We. Have. TOUCHDOWN!

Date August 10, 2007

In Columbus, that is. Julie and the kids arrived yesterday evening around 6:30 PM. They stayed with Andrew and Lisa Leatherman. And their three daughters. Can you spell: chaos? The Leathermans also have a yellow lab who was pretty wound up when we visited earlier this year, but has apparently started to settle down a [...]

Travel update: slightly ahead of the plan

Date August 7, 2007

Julie got the kids up at 5:30 AM yesterday morning in McKinney (just north of Dallas) with a goal of reaching Springfield, Missouri or beyond by the end of the day. In reality, she got a good ways beyond Springfield to Rolla, MO. Google says that’s just over an 8-hour drive. And Google doesn’t factor [...]

And the first user of Windows Vista in my immediate family is…

Date August 6, 2007

…my mother??? What exactly is a fellow to do when he has no house (and, therefore, no yard and no swimming pool to maintain), no kids, and no spouse? That’s temporarily my situation. I did get into the office for a few hours on Saturday, and I made it to Borders to pick up an [...]

It’s never too late to develop an addiction

Date August 3, 2007

I believe this is the longest stretch that I’ve gone without a blog entry. The title? Referencing caffeine. Up until a year or so ago, Julie and I probably consumed 8 cups of coffee and a case of caffeinated soft drinks a year. Combined. Currently, I’m at a cup of coffee a day during the [...]