Date January 31, 2008

At 2-1/2, Alana is a girl’s girl, with an extreme fondness for: anything pink, princesses, did I say anything pink?, and, of course, princess underpants. The rule has been that she gets to wear princess underpants whenever she is successful at using the toilet. Until this week, this was intermittent, but the underpants look like they’re accelerating her potty training (Tim has noted that, outside of a very brief window in between Carson and Alana, this will be the first time in almost nine years that our monthly diaper expense will be trending downward!).

So, what happens when grandparents come for a visit while you are getting to wear your princess underpants? The same thing that happens if you have a new hat, a new doll, or a new book: you show them off!

Imagine my surprise, though, when Alana wandered into the kitchen and very articulately asked to see Boppa’s (Grandpa Larry’s) blue underpants so she could look at the pictures? Not only did she know the color of his boxers, but she also knew they had pictures. Hmmmm…..

We were quickly able to ferret out the details that led to the request:

  1. Alana was in the basement with J (Grandma Jane), showing off and prattling on about her princess underpants
  2. It suddenly occurred to Alana that J might have princess underpants on, too, so she asked to see them!
  3. J, being a doting grandmother, obliged (albeit without the full-on gusto with which Alana likes to show off her underpants)
  4. Alana was disappointed with the result — not pink, no princesses
  5. J saw the consternation on Alana’s face and, as she is prone to do when interacting with her grandkids, blurted out a thought without thinking through the possible consequences: “Boppa has pictures on his underpants!”
  6. Enter innocent, unsuspecting, equally doting grandfather
  7. “Boppa, can I see the pictures on your underpants?”

The rest is history.

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