Siblings Studying

Date May 9, 2008

Friday night turned out a little differently than planned. Just as the early dinner was on the griddle, I got the call from the baseball coach that Benton’s baseball scrimmage was cancelled. No need for us to be eating at 5:00pm after all. Since it was ready, we did go ahead an eat and then decided to spend the rest of the evening playing outside, only it started to rain. We had stopped at a neighbors’ house to invite them out to play when it started to rain, so instead played at their house. (Nothing like dropping in and making yourself comfortable….) We came home for bedtime.

As Carson was getting ready for bed, I pointed out how nice it was that his room was so clean. It had gotten a major straightening during the week in anticipation of our weekend visit from his cousins. I commented on how he could actually sit and write at his desk, an impossibility earlier in the week. He apparently took note of this and diligently went to “study” once he was ready for bed. I entered his room to find him telling Alana, ever so kindly, how they were studying to learn new things. He had set her up with paper and crayons.

It was reading time, but I decided to let them “study” for a few minutes after which I asked if anyone was ready to read and neither wanted to do so. They both opted to study instead. Carson wanted to know how to spell “King Tut” and “wife.” When I could not be sure on the spelling of Tutankhamun, he switched to making Chinese symbols. Alana stuck to making circles.

At one point, Alana asked to borrow the glasses (aka an empty set of frames) so she could read something. Apparently having watched her grandparents read, she bent her head to within an inch or two of the paper and then “read” her writing. After leaving them for a few minutes, I returned to find Carson perched on a chair upon another chair and Alana standing on a rocking chair.

Carson told Alana the reason they were studying was they could learn to be superheros. They will need those superpowers to prevent some sort of accident from coming their way on such precarious furniture arrangements. When I finally called it quits on the study time, they agreed to resume in the morning.

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