Strawberry Picking

Date June 20, 2008

This week, both boys have been in summer camp. I pick Carson up first and then drive to get Benton and his friend. On our way home, we pass by a small family farm about 5 miles from our house that has strawberry fields. Benton and Nick lobbied to go pick berries earlier in the week, but it was not until today that we could fit it in.

It was a blast!!!!

Carson led the way and managed to fill his 4 quart box. He kept saying he “hit the jackpot” whenever he found lots of red berries hiding under the green leaves. Alana kept asking if we could do this again and wanted to do the picking all by herself, which included a very painful walk back from the fields as she continued to drop strawberries from her box but would not allow me to assist her in carrying the box.

Benton filled his box about half full, but with only the BEST berries. I shared a box with Alana, but since she was not interested in sticking to close to me, I started filling my lap with a few berries. Once it was full, I asked Benton if he wanted them for his box. He excitedly said “yes”. I handed him the berries and got this response…. “These are rotten. Look at them. They are ALL rotten. Hey Nick, look. My mom is picking the rotten berries!” Needless to say, I did not give him anymore of my berries.

In the end, we brought home 10 pounds of berries for our 40 minutes of picking. Five cups are smashed and ready to be made into strawberry jam. Many more were consumed before and during dinner. Another good amount was eaten with the shortcake Tim made for dessert. There are still a few left over for tomorrow. Yum!

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