Making Cookies with Grandma

Date June 30, 2008

When Grandma Marilyn comes to town, it is often time to bake. Her June trip was no different, so peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kisses were on the schedule. Alana got to help by peeling the Hershey’s kisses. Here is her process…….

1. Peel with deep concentration, ensuring all the silver stuff comes off, preferably in one piece but generally in about 7 or 8 pieces.

2. Grab another Hershey’s kiss and repeat.

3. Realize that you can eat these. After asking for one, savoring it, continue peeling and eating.

4. Gain “Awesome Little Sister” points by telling Carson he can eat them too.

5.- 9. Not pictured are the steps where Grandma peeled additional kisses so that there would be some to put on the cookies and also mixed up the cookie dough with the boys’ help.

10. Assemble cookies by placing chocolate kisses on them. YUM!

Grandma gained “Awesome Grandma” points from the kids, but also “Awesome Mother” points from me, since it is not often that I can get all three of them to enjoy a cooking activity together. I am thinking unlimited access to chocolate might have been a factor, but she gets those points regardless of the sugar involved.

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