No, My Head Is Not Quite THAT Big

Date September 4, 2008

These were a couple of pictures we took in Ottawa. We were waiting for the light show to begin, so were sitting on the grass and passing the time. We decided to try the one-handed-at-arms-length couple’s shot. I stuck my hand out with camera, Julie leaned in close, and I clicked the picture:

Yikes! Sure, my head is larger than Julie’s. Hell, it’s larger than the average watermelon, but, after we previewed the picture, we decided we could use the close-in perspective to my head’s advantage and have Julie in front of my shoulder rather than behind. The result:

Much better, don’t you think? Unfortunately, there was no easy way to use the camera to eliminate my double-chin. Hey! Some people have a unibrow; I have unidimples. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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