Surprise for Kids’ Morning — Snow

Date November 17, 2008

So, maybe I am too busy trying to work on figuring out the fabric, pillow sizes and cushion on the new window seat, or maybe it is from trying to figure out Christmas lists, or maybe it is from trying to catch up on having been on a trip to Denver, but in any case, I am, apparently, completely oblivious to the weather report.

I got out of bed this morning and opened the shades to find a white, wintry looking scene.  I know it has been cold, but it was a total surprise.  So, here you have the first snowfall for us in 2008.  Not much snow, but I do think it might be enough to have slowed Tim down on his departure for work this morning.

I am guessing the kids will be equally surprised since Benton is still asking me if he can wear short-sleeved shirts, in anticipation that it will be 60 degrees during the day.  (He finally stopped asking about wearing shorts to school a few weeks ago, though he would probably like it if I let him, short of 20 degree temperatures.)

Enjoy the snow if you are in it.  And for those of you south of this type of weather, enjoy the thought that you won’t have to scrape the car.

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