Alana’s Animal Cage

Date April 24, 2009

Last Saturday, Alana announced (rather emphatically) that we needed to make an “animal cage.” She had a collection of sticks, and she explained that she also needed “daddy’s special glue” (she couldn’t describe what that was) AND “some wood from daddy’s workshop.”

We spent a couple of hours in the driveway with a hot glue gun, wood scraps, and Alana directing on what needed to be glued to what. The result, including animals:

Alana's "Animal Cage"

Alana's "Animal Cage"

There may be some additions, as Alana has noted that the structure is lacking a floor, so when she picks up the cage, her animals fall out. Stay tuned…

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  1. Mom said:

    Ah, yes – another engineeer in the making; but I guess this would be civil rather than materials, electrical, or mechanical, right?

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