A Robin with a Particularly Low IQ

Date April 25, 2009

Carson noticed last week that a robin had started to build a nest in a tree between our yard and our next door neighbors’. Now, the fact that Carson noticed does not really bode well for the nest, as the nest is less than four feet off the ground — in the main fork of this tree:

Robin's Nest in Our Front Yard

By my count, within 75 yards of the nest, there are no fewer than EIGHT boys between the ages of 4 and 10. They’re all good kids, for the most part, and are all likely to be more interested in watching what happens than in destroying Nature in progress. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any pictures as the nest was being built, but, as of Thursday afternoon, there were two eggs (pre-dyed!) in it:

Robin's Nest in Our Front Yard

Even if the nest/eggs/chicks survive the kids, there are a couple of cats that roam the neighborhood, so we’ll see if we decide to devise some protection on that front if they hatch.

One Response to “A Robin with a Particularly Low IQ”

  1. Mom said:

    What a great nest-with-eggs photo! It belongs in one of the many guides to nests and nestlings, which is what we hope the boys (and girls) will get to see soon. One does wonder what made the robins pick that exposed spot to nest, however.

    Good for Carson for noticing the nest!!

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