Water Fun

Date June 7, 2009

We started off our weeklong return to Texas with a visit to Bruce and Cheryl Bone’s house in Mckinney. High on Julie’s list was taking the kids back to a water exhibit in Richardson right outside the Renaissance Hotel there. Jets of water shoot out from a bunch of holes in the ground in a variety of patterns. The kids had a blast. Carson was the first in and he got wet in no time:

Carson Gets Wet

Benton was a bit more tentative initially — just seeing if he could deflect the water with his foot:
Benton in the Water

Why, the boys even almost played cooperatively with each other some!

Benton and Carson in the Fountains

Alana took a little coaxing/handholding from Julie before she would check them out:

Julie and Alana Check out a Fountain

But she eventually got in:

Alana Gets Wet

Even Julie and Aunt Cheryl got into the fountains…although in a way where they could remain relatively dry (and continue their conversation):

Julie and Aunt Cheryl

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