Final Diving Days of the Summer

Date September 9, 2009

Our weather has been a little goofy over the past few weeks — wet/cool at the wrong times — which has kept Julie from getting her final fix of diving in for the summer. She’s convinced she was working her way up to doing a double-flip…which her husband and both sons are eager to see!

Unfortunately, she just didn’t get to the point where she was ready to try it…and the pools (the ones with the diving boards, at least) close after Labor Day Weekend.

She still got some good-looking dives in (in my non-professional, spousal opinion) when we headed to the pool on Saturday:

Pike Full?

Pike tuck one-and-a-half?

ALMOST vertical on entry!

One Response to “Final Diving Days of the Summer”

  1. Nancy Riess said:

    Julie – you are fabulous!! i can’t believe you can still dive like you are 18. fantastic!

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