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Day 1 with a New Camera

Date September 13, 2009

My birthday came a tad early (and Christmas came wayyyy early, really), in that my new camera — a Nikon D90 — arrived yesterday. I managed to get the battery charged and start skimming the manual yesterday, but it wasn’t until today that I got to take it out to see what it could do. I’ve got countless hours of learning/practice to go, but I still had a lot of fun with my initial run.

I did learn that a camera that can take 4.5 frames per second of photos can tally up a high picture count in a hurry — I had over 350 pictures to winnow down! I’ll learn when the continuous exposure does/does not make sense!

A Smiling Benton

Benton smiling

The Chipmunk Who Has Taken Up Residence Next to Our Patio
(This was taken through a very dirty glass door — handheld, though)

Chipmunk in residence next to our patio

A Taste of Soccer/Baseball Shots to Come

Carson goes for a tough shot

Alana -- tennis in the road

Alana Digs for Worms

Alana digs for worms

Macro Capability — Unspecified Bug on an Unspecified Flower

Unspecified bug on unspecified flower

Carson (Right) and Neighbor Kid in a Tree

Neighbor kid and Carson in a tree

The Lead Contestant to Fill Alana’s Role of “Neighborhood Princess”

Neighbor kid being coy

2 Responses to “Day 1 with a New Camera”

  1. bob said:

    Nice looking stuff.

  2. Mom said:

    Nice indeed! Neither Dad nor I ever got these as a blog feed (in answer to your e-mail question), but what fun to look at them via our MiFi at the cabin. It is working!!

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