A Neighborhood Sledfest

Date February 10, 2010

Last weekend — starting on Friday, actually — we got just over a foot of snow. That was enough to make for plenty of outdoor activity, yet not so much as to keep us truly snowbound at home. On Saturday after lunch, Julie headed down to the end of our street with our kids and some of the neighbors for some sliding fun. Can you spot our kids amongst the dots of color?

Dots of color

That’s Carson up at the top with the green saucer, Benton over to the right with the blue saucer and orange coat, and Alana at the bottom left with her face hidden behind a yellow sled. Also in the picture are Malachi (top center), his brother, Ezra (en route down the slope and obscured by the flying snow), Austin and Austin (the two boys in gray coats), and Caroline (foreground). You can check out the full set (31 pictures) in the Flickr set. Here are just a few Wilson-centric pictures from the day.

Benton takes a turn on the snowboard

Carson does the same
Carson heading down the hill

Alana giggles her way down the hill…
Alana sledding

…and is still smiling after she wipes out
Alana sledding

Carson does a jump…with no hands
Carson -- hands-free

And even Julie gets into the action

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