I’m Sure My Parents are SOOOO Proud…

Date September 1, 2010

After spending a week up at Lake Erie this summer (we’ve got a serious backlog of posts to work through here — Julie took the kids up to Middlebass Island so that Alana and Carson could attend a camp there while Julie hung out with several of the ladies from the ‘hood), Julie announced that it sure would be nice to have a TV in our kitchen that she could flip on in the morning to catch a morning news show while she was working on breakfast, scrubbing the floor, dusting the light fixtures, and all those other homemaker-ly things that keep her tethered (barefoot, of course) to the hub of our domesticity.

That gave me the opportunity to do three of my favorite things:

  • Keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on a piece of electronic equipment
  • Cut holes in the wall
  • Make Julie happy

Within a month, I’d found a great deal online on a refurbished Westinghouse TV (who knew that Westinghouse still existed as a brand…and a brand that makes decent TVs?!) and had ordered both the TV and a mounting bracket. When Julie headed to the Jersey Shore (<sigh> another post not yet written), I had a weekend to actually pull the cable (TV and electrical) to the designated spot. When the bracket arrived the following Friday, I got it mounted, and, Saturday morning, Alana watched cartoons…while perched on the island. The TV was positioned to allow Julie to easily see it from the sink/stove/oven/fridge — not from kids’ preferred cereal-eating spots.

By Sunday afternoon, when Alana and a couple of her friends came into the kitchen looking for a snack, Alana announced: “We can sit up here!” I took a break from making the pizza dough to document the result.

Watching TV

Alana, Caroline, and Gabby

To their credit, as soon as their tummies were full, they climbed down and headed off (of course, I think I had a PGA tournament on, which is hardly engrossing material for girls at that age!).

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