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New Orleans — Summer 2011

Date August 4, 2011

On something of a lark, I flew down to New Orleans for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago to meet up with some industry peers whom I mostly know through Twitter and blogs, but most of whom I’d met in person at least once. It turned out to be a pretty interesting trip. I snapped a few pictures that seemed worth sharing:

A heavily HDR-enhanced photo down a row of above-ground tombs in Lafayette Cemetery:

Lafayette Cemetery with a Little HDR Enhancement

A sculpture behind Cafe du Monde:

Behind Cafe du Monde

A house sparrow behind Cafe du Monde:

House Sparrow behind Cafe du Monde

And…this just made me laugh. It’s a sign on the gate to the police station in the French Quarter. You might be a tourist area if the police department not only sells T-shirts, but advertises that fact:

It MIGHT Be a Tourist Town When the Police Department Advertises T-Shirts

One Response to “New Orleans — Summer 2011”

  1. Mom said:

    Your HDR photos have all been interesting/intriguing/artistic, but this blog-posted one of the tombs in Lafayette Cemetery is the most astonishing: it looks more like a painting or a drawing than a photograph! We paddled with a well-known (published) local photographer a few mornings ago – George is elderly now, but he had a reasonably large digital camera along and, when I asked, confessed to doing some “doctoring” after the fact; so he has stayed somewhat current – and Dad got to telling him about your HDR photography. George was not aware of that but seemed fascinated. If we get a chance, we’ll show him some of what you have taken.

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