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Beating Boredom with a Book

Date January 15, 2012

This photo was actually from between Christmas and New Year’s, but it seemed worth posting. Alana has become quite the voracious reader. The Dublin library system works in such a way that we can check out 20-30 books at a time…and that’s regularly what happens. We, of course, are thrilled to encourage the activity. We’re […]

Exploring Downtown Columbus

Date January 2, 2012

With my folks in town for a few days between Christmas and New Year’s, and with the weather being chilly and soggy, we decided to spend a few hours of Forced Family Fun poking around some of the outdoor areas of downtown Columbus that were completed during 2011. We started out at The Columbus Commons, […]

Skiing: Carson’s Perspective

Date December 27, 2011

Using the same little camera that I used for the Christmas morning time lapse post, we now have a gadget that is good for helmet’s-eye view of all sorts of activities. Our first published attempt (video by Carson, video editing and music by me) is a tad long (5 minutes), but it gives a pretty […]

A Time Lapse Christmas 2011

Date December 25, 2011

Santa brought a little camera that supports time-lapse photos in addition to helmet-mounted video. More on that as Carson gets rolling. But, for now, an unedited 2.5-hour gift-opening experience this morning compressed into under 2 minutes. If the video below doesn’t show up, you can view it on YouTube here. Merry Christmas!

“I don’t want my kids to do gymnastics,” his wife said…

Date October 27, 2011

Early in our marriage, we joked about adopting a Romanian so that Julie could have a kid who might have a genetic inclination towards gymnastics. Once that urge passed, Julie took up judging gymnastics for a few years. Then we had kids. And Julie swore that the last thing she would want (well…right behind football) was […]

Hitting the (Grassy) Ski Slopes

Date October 26, 2011

Julie, Alana, Carson and I headed out to our local ski resort on Sunday to see if we could pick up some cheap gear for the coming season. While Julie rifled through the equipment, I took the kids up the slopes on the ski lift they had running (I was struck how much closer and […]

Camping in Hocking Hills

Date October 18, 2011

Our camping frequency has dropped off dramatically since we’ve moved to Ohio, so we decided in the middle of the summer to simply pick a weekend and make it happen. The trip was in late September, and we opened up the activity to a range of friends. As it turned out, my sister flew up […]

Alana’s Belated Tea-Birthday Party

Date October 17, 2011

While I am far behind on posting, and Alana did turn six back in June, and this is a post about Alana’s birthday party…the party occurred less than two weeks ago. You see, June was a busy month. School was over, summer travel was kicking into high gear, and Alana turned six. But, she didn’t get a party, […]

Alana’s Fall Sport: Soccer

Date October 16, 2011

Alana has had a busy fall of soccer, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.   On the day these pictures were taken, her father proposed that she put her hair into a pony tail, but she insisted that was not necessary.   Hanging out a Benton’s game — a girl’s gotta’ just chill sometimes:

Cooperstown, NY — Part 3 of 2 (I know) — the Campground

Date August 21, 2011

It turns out, our long weekend in and around Cooperstown, New York appears to warrant three posts rather than the initially planned two. Rather than staying in a hotel, Julie found Shadow Brook Campground, which had a good-sized camper already on-site that we could rent, a small pond that allowed fishing (no license required), and paddle […]