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Summer Trip Part 5 of 5 — Armonk, NY

Date August 3, 2011

I wasn’t along for this leg of the trip, but it appears that Julie took a couple of photos, so I’m posting them and describing as best I can. En route back from Maine to Columbus, Julie stopped off for the weekend at the Hallacs’ in Armonk, New York. Allegedly, Trice and Jimmy were there […]

Summer Trip Part 4 of ? — Flora and Fauna

Date August 2, 2011

There are minimal humans in this post recalling our summer trip to Canada and Maine and points in between. But, I got a few shots that seemed worth sharing of critters and such. Some ducks near the shore of Rangeley Lake: A ring-billed gull flying overhead near the shore of the lake near downtown Rangeley: […]

Summer Trip Part 3 of ? — Dock Jumping

Date August 1, 2011

As I noted in my last post, my favorite shot from our main summer trip was this one of Carson jumping off of the end of my parents’ dock: As it turned out, Alana and Carson both gave me some good dock-jumping pictures, in both Canada and in Maine. Worthy of a post unto themselves! […]

Summer Trip Part 2 of ? — Rangeley, ME

Date July 31, 2011

Hmmm…nothing like writing Part 1 of our summer trip and then not following up with Part 2 until two weeks later! Since that first post, I’ve made trips to New Orleans and to Austin, which, when shoehorned in amongst work, has kept me pretty busy. Better late than never, though, right? After leaving Julie’s aunt […]

The Wizard of Oz…Reinterpreted

Date July 3, 2011

Last week/weekend, we had a round of company culminating on Saturday night with overnight human guests from northern Virginia, Colorado, and Austin, and an overnight canine guest from Akron. Getting the kids outside as much as we could led to a recreation of the yellow brick road using chalk in our driveway. That then led […]

Swim Team Begins…

Date June 12, 2011

Carson and Alana are both doing swim team this year — the first time for both of them. The first meet — an intra squad affair — was held last Wednesday. Both kids swam in four events and, overall, enjoyed themselves (we’re enjoying the forced improvement of their swimming skills). Carson Pre-swim body art (it […]

Symmetrical Incisors

Date June 7, 2011

For regular followers of this blog (re: family members), you may recall that Carson caught a shovel in the face a couple of years ago that took off part of his lower (permanent) incisors. Last week (while I was in California), he took a tumble from a RipStick — scrapes and scratches…and now similar damage […]

Carson’s Off to a “Play Hard” Start to the Summer

Date June 6, 2011

Within a day of the start of summer, Carson had taken up with a kid that’s one cul de sac over. They’ve ridden the same school bus, so were comfortable acquaintances, but they’ve been roaming between houses and around the ‘hood constantly for the last week. They’ve done a lot of critter-collecting, too — mainly […]

How to Give a 12-Year-Old Boy a Good Night’s Sleep

Date May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011. 9:00 AM — Benton’s first soccer game of the end-of-season tournament Sanga (Benton’s team) wins…although the camera caught Benton getting burned by an opposing player right in front of the parents’ sideline (for which he received some lighthearted ribbing…and proceeded to almost get the giggles on field): 10:30 AM — Benton’s […]

Mother’s Day 2011 in Review

Date May 9, 2011

Three kids, all caught on (digital) film. Alana Saturday afternoon: wraps Mother’s Day presents. Saturday night: “Dad, wake me up early in the morning so we can go downstairs and make mom breakfast in bed! We’re going to make her pancakes because I know how to make them!” Saturday morning, a good 45 minutes before […]