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Company Round 2 Part 2: Andrew Bonds with…

Date January 1, 2008

Well, Andrew Phelps bonded with everyone. There are no pictures of Julie bonding with Andrew because, dammit, we’re STOPPING AT THREE KIDS! Carson was a big fan of Andrew and played with him off and on throughout the visit. Andrew was a big fan of Elwyn. And, Elwyn isn’t mobile enough to get away, so [...]

Taking an Experienced Birder’s Advice

Date October 10, 2007

“Son,” the grizzled retiree with the scraggly goatee and the stud in his ear said, as they stood in Lowe’s pondering avian feed, “Black oil sunflower seed is the only way to go. You see this stuff over hear with this meal in it? That’s worthless. Yessir. Black oil sunflower seed. That’ll bring the birds [...]

The Dogs Have ALMOST Recovered

Date September 7, 2007

Elwyn’s an old man. He’s outlived any of Julie’s previous dogs by half a decade, and we all know that Julie hasn’t had a dog that wasn’t in the 99th percentile when it comes to coddling and TLC. Starting in April or so, as Elwyn continued to wheeze loudly when he was hot, excited, or [...]