Spring Means Sports

Date April 18, 2010

We’re fully into spring in Ohio, which means spring sports are rapidly ramping up. On Saturday, Benton had baseball practice from 10:00 AM to noon, and I had to pick him up early so we could race over to the soccer fields for a noon game where he needed to arrive at 11:45. He’d missed [...]

Eat Your Heart Out, Michael Jordan!

Date October 12, 2009

Michael Jordan’s tongue is as legendary as his perimeter shooting and ballhandling: Carson’s doing his best to follow in MJ’s footsteps. At least from a lingual perspective.

Soccer, Anyone?

Date October 1, 2009

Benton and Carson are both playing fall soccer. Unfortunately, the lighting conditions haven’t been ideal for photos for any of the games that I’ve made it to with my new camera yet…but I’ve got a few years to get some good shots, I think! Carson moved up from the local rec league to an intermediate [...]

Soccer, Anyone?

Date April 27, 2009

One of the downsides of having two cameras floating around is that, apparently, it’s easy to go for quite a while without realizing that there are as-yet-not-uploaded pictures on one of them! Carson’s a good month into the spring soccer season, and he’s really turned into quite the little player. He’s one of the designated [...]

Carson and Soccer

Date September 13, 2008

Carson is playing soccer this fall and is having a blast. Running After the Action Fighting for the Ball (No. 7) With Baseball Teammate Jake (L) and Good Friend Jack (M)  “Duck! That kid kicks hard!“ Getting Back on Defense Slide-Kick — Carson’s Favorite Unfortunately, Slide-Kicks Mean You’re on the Ground…and You Can Get Kicked [...]

Soccer Season Ends

Date May 23, 2008

It was a season marked by some rain, some cold weather, and lots and lots of fun. On Saturday, May 17th, Carson finished up his soccer season with a really beautiful, albeit cool, May day. It was a busy day, but to really appreciate the day, you have to realize that Friday was Benton’s much-delayed [...]


Date May 19, 2008

Saturday was a cool, sunny day for watching Carson play soccer. After a little watching, Alana decided to entertain herself by spinning around… and around… …until she fell down.

A Beautiful, but SOGGY, Day for Soccer

Date April 5, 2008

Central Ohio this spring is wet. Stepping off of a paved area is like stepping onto a giant, springy sponge. The heavy snows melted, and it’s rained off and on ever since, so the ground has been extremely wet just about everywhere. But…today was opening day for Carson’s soccer league, and the games must go [...]