Entries from January 2006

If I had $100…

Date January 31, 2006

Monday was Benton’s 100th day of school in first grade. Everyone had to make a display of 100 things — their choice as to what. Benton and Julie came up with making a Cheerios abacus out of a cardboard box, wooden skewers, and dowels. The kids had an exercise to do, which was to fill […]

State of the Union

Date January 31, 2006

As Bob Schieffer worked to fill the time while President Bush walked into the House chamber for the State of the Union address tonight, he commented that, last year, the President received about 60 rounds of applause during his speech, and about half of those turned into standing ovations. That’s. Just. Crazy. I honestly don’t […]

One week to go…

Date January 27, 2006

One week from now, I expect to be sitting at a hotel bar in San Diego, nursing a beer, and breaking down the first game of the University of Texas 2006 baseball season. The Longhorns are opening up this year against the University of San Diego Toreros. This is my second year in a row […]

Hoping Bubble Doesn’t Bust

Date January 26, 2006

As usual, I seem to be completely unaware of something that has apparently been making a bit of a buzz in the entertainment industry. Steven Soderbergh is releasing a new film, and the film itself is not what’s creating the buzz. Bubble is being financed by Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks, star of […]

A conservative NPR? Anyone? Anyone?

Date January 25, 2006

I’m an unabashed NPR devotee. 75% of the information I get on current events comes from Morning Edition (why, oh why couldn’t they have let Bob Edwards stick around until the 25th anniversary?!) and All Things Considered. I’m also an unabashed liberal. Socially, as far left as you can get. Fiscally, still left, but not […]

Andy White and His Stepson Roger

Date January 24, 2006

I guess I first discovered E.B. White some time when I was a kid and read Charlotte’s Web. I don’t know that it made that great of an impression at the time — filed away as a memorable tale, of course, but I was really too young to get hooked on an author. In college, […]

CrystalTech — Unsolicited Plug

Date January 23, 2006

Four or five years ago, I was looking to move my Web site from my next-door neighbors’ Web server (accessing the Web via ISDN — the fastest option in our neighborhood) to a more robust ISP. A friend of mine recommended CrystalTech. I did some cursory shopping around, and it seemed like a pretty good […]

Today’s resolution: switching primary news internet sources

Date January 21, 2006

My primary source of news is National Public Radio — Austin has a really good station, and I’ve been a fan since my college days in Boston. My default home page in all of my browsers is My Yahoo!, so I get AP/Reuters top headlines whenever I fire one up, whether I’m at home or […]

Leather, L.L. Bean, and My Waistline

Date January 21, 2006

From my recent clothing experiences, I would be hard-pressed to determine if I’m gaining or losing weight. (Un)fortunately for me, the large mirror and the scale in my bathroom make it abundantly clear that Twiggy and I have less and less in common with each passing month. On the clothing front, I tend to treat […]

One of the good ones…

Date January 20, 2006

The power of blogging — I get to post my own opinion, regardless of how well-researched or supportable it is. I’m going to alter my earlier claim that 95% of blogs are self-centered ramblings: after poking around for a bit on some blogging sites, I think it’s more like 99%, and it’s not just ramblings, […]