Why am I blogging?

Date January 19, 2006

You’re actually reading this? It’s the same reason 95% of the people out there blog — because they feel like they’ve got deep, insightful musings to share with the world…and yet no one in their daily life really wants to listen to them ramble on and on.

Fortunately, though, like movies, books, art, and food, the minority slice of quality makes up for the majority pie of junk.

I’m a bitter, bitter man.

The truth is, I fancied myself to be a burgeoning writer years ago, and, every month or two, I think, “I really ought to sit down and start keeping some sort of journal to at least keep in the practice of writing.” Then work, kids, and other interests get in the way. I’ve made some false starts at regular writing several times over the years, and they’ve all petered out within a week. This may be the case again, but, at least with the Web, it’s something I can tackle anywhere that there is an internet connection and a browser.

I really am writing this more for me than for you, dear reader, but your certainly welcome to consume!

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