A conservative NPR? Anyone? Anyone?

Date January 25, 2006

I’m an unabashed NPR devotee. 75% of the information I get on current events comes from Morning Edition (why, oh why couldn’t they have let Bob Edwards stick around until the 25th anniversary?!) and All Things Considered.

I’m also an unabashed liberal. Socially, as far left as you can get. Fiscally, still left, but not quite so extremely so.

Now, in conversations with friends and co-workers, I often hear comments about how NPR is “liberal” radio. The head of my MBA program — a wonderful, idiosyncratic, brillant, dedicated Libertarian man — referred to NPR as “National Socialist Radio.” It seems to be considered common knowledge.

I’d be happy to listen to “conservative” news radio, but all that seems to be out there is conservative talk radio. I’m not interested in liberal talk radio, for that matter. I find Air America (almost) as unlistenable as Rush Limbaugh. Outside of NPR, is there any radio in the U.S. that provides news coverage of current events as the primary focus of the program? Paul Harvey is the closest alternative I have found, and I do enjoy his delivery, but that’s not an extended program — it’s a news synopsis.

A final point. I was discussing this issue with a slightly-left-leaning-but-married-to-a-diehard-conservative co-worker. I asked her if she felt NPR is “liberal.” Her husband certainly does. She pointed out that, in literal terms, “liberal” more free-thinking, open-minded, open to new ideas. More interested in considering a broader range of viewpoints. Makes sense. But, then again, I’m a liberal!

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