If I had $100…

Date January 31, 2006

Monday was Benton’s 100th day of school in first grade. Everyone had to make a display of 100 things — their choice as to what. Benton and Julie came up with making a Cheerios abacus out of a cardboard box, wooden skewers, and dowels.

The kids had an exercise to do, which was to fill out a “Book of 100.” Basically, a lot of 100-related exercises — counting to 100 by 2s, by 5s, coming up with 100 words they knew, and so on. The first page of the booklet was, “If I had $100…” with the rest of the page a series of blank lines. Benton, our little literal-minded future engineer, wrote “I would have 10000 cents.” Hard to argue with the facts!

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