Entries from June 2007

Installment No. 1: Fun Facts About Ohio

Date June 29, 2007

Hey — if we’re going to move there, I probably ought to arm myself with anecdotes. ’tis so easy with the Internet: There are lots of claims that Cleveland boasted the first traffic signal in the United States, which seemed interesting, since I spent 2.5 years working for Automatic Signal/Eagle Signal (acquired by Siemens after […]

Big Brothers are AWESOME!

Date June 27, 2007

Alana got a mini kitchen set from the Campbells for her birthday (apron included). Benton spent a good 15 minutes on Sunday morning looking through cookbooks to try to find a recipe she could work on. We suggested…Jello. First, Alana waits patiently and watches “B!” pour Jello into a container she can handle. He hands […]

What if she has…Benton and Carson’s sense of style?!!!

Date June 27, 2007

The horror!

Update from Julie

Date June 27, 2007

Julie takes more of a semi-regular newsletter approach to providing updates. For those of you who are reading this because you received one of her updates…this post is a repeat of that information verbatim. Hi! A good deal of chaos has ensued here in Austin, but we seem to have a breather in the moving […]

Risk, Anyone?

Date June 26, 2007

Benton’s passion for chess has waned. Temporarily, I’m sure. But, he used some of his remaining birthday money earlier this week to buy Risk. Remember Risk? It seems like one of those games, along with Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons, that my generation (and, perhaps a half a generation in either direction) grew up with. […]

Busy weekend — productive and fun

Date June 24, 2007

Saturday morning, Benton got into “best big brother in the world” mode with Alana. Mostly, he built tunnels and caves for her with the furniture and cushions in the living room. Actually, the picture in the previous entry here was taken by Benton of Alana crawling through a tunnel he had made. The unintended consequence […]

New camera –> new pictures

Date June 23, 2007

Quick note here to point out that I’ve added a new album for viewing on the web as well as new pictures to the desktop rotating pictures. I’m wondering if I might start playing around with Flickr one of these days. Shutterfly seems to be getting a little stale design/features-wise.

You know cell phones have intruded on your life too much when…

Date June 22, 2007

Isn’t this a nice picture of a happy couple? It’s Bruce and Cheryl Bone, Julie’s godparents in Dallas during Marilyn’s visit to Dallas. Oh. Wait. Look closely. CHERYL’S ON THE PHONE!!! Now, apparently, there is a perfectly logical explanation for this picture. But it’s not nearly as interesting as just posting the picture.

And we’re under contract!

Date June 21, 2007

We’re officially under contract with a house in Dublin, OH! It turns out, after doing some more research, on a pure school-to-school comparison, Julie prefers the elementary school that the kids are going to get bused to. It’s still not ideal that they’ll be bused, but even Benton pointed out that that means he’ll have […]

Killer App for Music Aficionados

Date June 21, 2007

Within a one-week period, two different sources described Pandora to me. Jonathan Roe, a former co-worker, current friend, and musician who is actively playing with 3 or 4 different bands at any given time mentioned it over lunch. Then, I heard an interview with the founder of the site on an NPR podcast (the real […]