Jesters and the Chessmaster

Date June 9, 2007

I’m a bit delinquent in getting a picture of Benton at the chessboard up — the last picture here really applies more to an earlier posting. As for the jesters, my new company had it’s quarterly outing on Thursday night. All employees and their families/significant others went bowling. Along with the bowling was a crazy hat contest. Bowling is right up with “visiting Las Vegas” on my list of things that I’d just as soon avoid if at all possible, but the kids really enjoy it. And, as a newbie, it seemed like we out to participate in all of the activities. I suggested to Julie that making hats of some sort my be a good summertime craft activity for the kids. As is usual in that sort of thing, she went a little overboard. Craft foam, a couple of bags of bells, a hot glue gun, and several afternoons of work with the kids (Carson suffered the only casualty when he burned his finger on the glue gun), and voila! Jester hats!

We took home the “most original” prize.

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