And we’re under contract!

Date June 21, 2007

We’re officially under contract with a house in Dublin, OH!

It turns out, after doing some more research, on a pure school-to-school comparison, Julie prefers the elementary school that the kids are going to get bused to. It’s still not ideal that they’ll be bused, but even Benton pointed out that that means he’ll have two distinct places to make and have friends: school and the neighborhood.

And, once again, we’ll be in a house that does not have any houses behind us. That makes us 3 for 3 on that front.

I need to go do some research on blog aggregators now. I really thought this thing was pretty well hidden. I was actually surprised that an earlier post cropped up on one of my former boss’s blog feeds because the name of my last company showed up in it. Then, if you read the comments on the previous post, you’ll see the entry popped up on a guy who does music and web stuff for Fair Game with Faith Salie.

It’s pretty amazing, really. There are almost no links to that aren’t on (although it has been found by major search engines). And, there’s only the one conscious link to this blog, and that’s from the main page of this site. Of course, I’m using Google’s Blogger to actually create and manage the blog. So, it makes sense that the blog is “known” to exist and is getting picked up by search engines. I’m guessing, but probably won’t go to the hastle of confirming, that, in both cases, the folk who stumbled across these posts are using Google Alerts. I’ve used them myself in the past to monitor news on products that I use at work, as well as to monitor a couple of competitors.

I tell ya’. This Internet thing is going to be BIG!

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  1. Tammen said:

    Congrats, Tim! Looking forward to reading your witty stories.

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