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And another "4,000 words"

Date July 30, 2007

Hmmm… Picasa seems limited to four pictures at a time, but… That’s Carson behind all that catcher gear. And Carson at Rat-a-Jazz Benton in his second cousins’ pool in Lufkin, TX (Julie took the kids to visit Gerry, Suzy, Nathan, TJ, and Charlotte Powell a couple of weeks ago) And Carson catching some serious air

A 4,000 Word Blog Entry

Date July 30, 2007

Were you nervous at the title? I’m copping out and going with 4 pictures — the equivalent of 4,000 words, right? These are all pictures from the last month or so. Alana snuggled up like a bug in a rug between Benton and her dad (Um. Yeah. that’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — […]

"You’re not going to leave before I get to take Alana clothes shopping, are you?!"

Date July 29, 2007

Kim’s always been the member of the family with the most developed fashion sense. Her dad was born wholly apathetic on that front. Her mother cares deeply…but gets wracked with indecision when faced with a rack of outfits. Her brother (me) has spent the past 20 years trying to become truly apathetic…but not quite being […]

What happens when you try to manage two blogs and don’t pay attention?

Date July 26, 2007

For subscribers to this blog, my apologies… For others, no apologies! I just posted a geeky rant on my data-oriented blog…but inadvertently published it here. I’ve corrected the mistake, but that bell can’t be unrung for those of you who got that post in your inbox or feed!

Farewell to a driver’s license

Date July 25, 2007

It hit me a couple of weeks ago that, within another month or two, I will no longer be carrying a Texas driver’s license, for the first time since I became a legal driver. This is not all that surprising, so I was a little surprised myself that the thought not only occurred to me, […]

Apparently, we’re quite typical

Date July 23, 2007

http://www.iastate.edu/~nscentral/news/2007/jun/wifepower.shtml You’ll just have to click through to get a chuckle.

Turn out the lights, the parties’re over

Date July 23, 2007

Whew! We survived the weekend! Early on in our planning of the move to Ohio, we decided that we wanted to leave Austin in style. I think Julie pulled that off! Saturday night, we rented out the lower room at Stubb’s BBQ, which is a semi-legendary barbecue and live music venue downtown. We hired the […]

Life would be SO much easier if only my wife was more organized

Date July 20, 2007

Julie, I think, is still feeling fairly stressed about the myriad moving parts in our lives these days. As usual, she is way more on top of things than she realizes. Below is an e-mail she sent out last night, which shows the degree to which she’s got hers and the kids’ lives schedule nailed […]

Bulldog Solutions HR video

Date July 18, 2007

And…as soon as I got the post working…the person who posted it pulled it down to try to get a better quality version up! This one ought to work.

YouTube as a Recruitment Tool

Date July 18, 2007

[see next post — the video posted here got removed!] Here’s a 4-minute recruiting video for my company, Bulldog Solutions. Yes…I’m surrounded by smartasses. I fit right in. 😉 This was a good excuse to get my Google/Blogger account linked up to YouTube to try to embed some video in a blog posting. It wasn’t […]