Topical Movie Night: "The OH in Ohio"

Date July 10, 2007

We’ve just about decided the two-movies-at-a-time Netflix option might actually make sense. Julie and I only watch maybe one movie per month. But, at least for the next year or two, heading to the video store with Alana in tow will be a challenge. As much as Blockbuster is desperately trying to cling to their market share, they’re not making much money when Alana-the-Randomizer hits the store, as she likes to collect as many movies as she can hold and carry them around (leaving them for store personnel to restock after she leaves). And that’s even with Benton and Carson trying to distract her.

So, leisurely perusal of the options is not really a possibility.

Nonetheless, Julie had noticed The OH in Ohio during one visit and had briefly read the cover. I’d never heard of it, but Julie was under the impression that it was a small movie in the “independent but good” category as opposed to a small movie in the “low budget direct to DVD because it’s just awful” category, so we decided to give it a try. When she went to pick it up, she actually noticed the cast: Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, and Danny Devito (and Mischa Barton…recently famous thanks to The OC…but not really in the class of those others). It would be hard to miss with that trio.

And it didn’t. We’re not big indy film buffs — at our movie-watching rate, we’re doing good to catch 10% of the blockbusters within 5 years of their initial release. But, we definitely enjoyed this one.

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