And. We. Have. TOUCHDOWN!

Date August 10, 2007

In Columbus, that is.

Julie and the kids arrived yesterday evening around 6:30 PM. They stayed with Andrew and Lisa Leatherman. And their three daughters. Can you spell: chaos? The Leathermans also have a yellow lab who was pretty wound up when we visited earlier this year, but has apparently started to settle down a bit. But, still, one more time: chaos?

By my count, the ratio of females to males in that household last night was 6:3 (6:4 if the dog gets included). That’s a reversal of what Julie and Alana are accustomed to, but, I suspect the welcome temporary addition of some Y chromosomes into Andrew’s usual 4:1 world!

Except, perhaps, for the chaos.

We (Julie) closes on our new house in Dublin this afternoon, and she’s then heading up to Wadsworth with the kids this evening. She and her dad will then head down on Saturday morning in time to meet the movers. And, her brother and one of his guys are also heading down tomorrow to start building the wall that will create my office.

I’ll be, uh, lounging around in Austin.

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