Google ROCKS!

Date August 19, 2007

Tim’s departure from Dripping Springs: 1:55 AM (CDT), Saturday morning
Arrival in Dublin, OH: 10:22 PM (EDT), Saturday evening

Google trip time estimate: 19h 42m
Actual trip time: 19h 27m

That’s a variance of 1.3% by my reckoning, which ain’t bad!

Unfortunately, Molly didn’t take off either time that I let the dogs out of the truck for a potty/water break, so she is now a resident of Dublin, Ohio, along with the rest of the Wilsons. She did manage to scatter dog hair and drool throughout the interior of my truck, which further endeared her to me. Elwyn might have contributed to that as well, but I didn’t have his wet snout on my elbow periodically throughout the day, and whatever drool he spread was on the dog bed he was lying on in the back seat…as opposed to the center console!

Julie’s hoping to keep the dogs restricted to part of the first floor and the basement, due to the white carpet the previous owners put in to help sell the house. Molly has never been one to adjust where she goes and what she sits on to fit the whims of her owners, so I’m not holding my breath there. Elwyn will likely be self-restricted to the first floor. He headed down to the basement last night…and then couldn’t make it back up the stairs. His back legs are really getting pretty weak, but at least don’t seem to cause him any pain.

I’m at a local coffee house running through the 8 different things I need an internet connection for. How on EARTH did we survive back before the mid-1990s??? Julie suggested I fire up the laptop at home to see if any of our neighbors had unsecured wireless networks. I commented that, if they did, then it would be a shame, as I simply would not be able to respect them! When I started up my laptop…there were NO wireless networks in range! What sort of backwoods, unwired place have we moved to!

Tomorrow, we’re slated to get Roadrunner hooked up, as well as our home phone. I’ll be in better shape to use craigslist to track down furniture for my office!

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  1. Kristin said:

    Glad you made it safe and sound. Your old office is dark and empty, but soon I suspect people will snag it for a makeshift conference space or to run events (….OK, I actually tried both today, but there was no phone). 😉

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