Carson and "learning to fight"

Date October 2, 2007

Well, after promising Carson for over a month that I would sign him up, I managed to take him to his first Tae Kwon Do class last night. It was at the Dublin Recreation center, so a relatively low-key class and a good place to try it out. The classes officially started last week, so he will have 5 classes total in this session. Here is a brief timeline of what occurred.

In August, while en route to Ohio, I stopped at the Bone’s house where Bruce mentioned Tae Kwon Do as a possible thing for Carson. Scott had taken lessons growing up and it helped him with his self control – something Carson is getting better at but also something he could use some help with on occasion. Also, in talking with Cheryl, we discussed the merits of having a sport that Carson could do without Benton knowing how to do it better. So, this martial art form seemed a good place to start, especially given Carson’s love of superheros and their martial art like moves.

After school yesterday, I confirmed with Carson that he wanted to go and then got a merciless interigation from Benton. Benton started by complaining about going and “wasting his evening” for which I reminded him that Carson spent several seasons of baseball finding ways to entertain himself 3 nights a week when Benton had practice. Benton then wanted to know what the purpose of Tae Kwon do was and why I wanted Carson to “learn to fight” because “you know he will do this at home and at school and get in trouble.” I finally had to refuse to discuss it with Benton.

After an early dinner of left overs, we headed to the Rec Center, about a 10 minute drive. Once the class started, Carson was in his element. Benton read his book and watched intently. I also wondered off with Benton and Alana to a kids area and played a little pool with Benton while Alana took care of the baby dolls. Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy it well enough. By the end of the hour, Carson was doing well and babbled all the way home about the new moves. Benton started asking some of his earlier questions and ended up wanting to know about classes for his age. Once home, Carson was required to get ready for bed before demonstrating his moves. He showed off his upper block, lower block, and snap kick. I think he is going to enjoy Mondays!

As for Alana, she will like it when Dad is home and can get her to bed on time. She was past her bedtime by the time she made it to bed. Teeth brushing was a little bit of a struggle, but Mom won. Her cuteness today included asking “Can I have some crackers now?” I responded “Yes, you may.” Alana replied “Yes, me may!”

As for this evening, well it was rather angelic. This is not a term I get to use too often with our evenings, especially when Tim is in Austin for the week. Once home from school, the boys had snack and did homework. We then headed outside where Benton took charge of entertaining Alana for about an hour and a half while Carson played on and off by himself, with me or with his sibilings. In the end, they begged to have dinner picnic-style on the grassy area in the cul de sac, so I caved and brought out the meal. It was a fun time and in the end, everyone headed up to get ready for bed and cooperated throughout the end of the day rituals.

Tomorrow, after Benton catches the bus to school, it is off to the zoo for Alana and Carson. We have a playdate with one of Carson’s classmates. Tomorrow night is MY time as I have a babysitter coming after dinner so I run a few errands.

Bon soir!

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