Julie and Carson’s "Fancy" Birthday Dinner

Date November 25, 2007

The downside for Julie when it comes to sharing a birthday with Carson is that…she’s going to be sharing her birthday with Carson for all eternity! The upside for Carson is that he gets multiple celebrations, it seems. On their actual birthday, Julie decided she’d like to go out to a nice dinner, so everyone got dressed “fancy.” (Carson’t birthday continued for four days until his party at Chuck E. Cheese’s). This meant Benton wore a collared shirt and Tim changed out of jeans. We went to a nice Italian place in downtown Dublin. Alana started the drive there by saying, “I’m FANCY! I’m FANCY”…and then fell asleep. But, she seems to have the power nap mastered, as this is who emerged after a 10-minute snooze:

She was even game for gazing into her dad’s eyes.

Service was a bit slow, there was plenty of time for pictures, including a picture of the honorees:

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