Entries from November 2007

We Finally Explore the 10-Acre Farm Behind Our House

Date November 17, 2007

Carson and I decided last night that it was time for us to go on a hike and explore the 10-acre “farm” to which our house backs up, which we did after breakfast this morning. It’s got a little creek running through it, and we saw what I’m pretty sure was a wolf. Julie’s seen […]

Obnoxious Texan Moves to Ohio

Date November 11, 2007

Vanity plates have always seemed so, well, vain to me. But, I couldn’t resist…!

Sculpting with Carson

Date November 10, 2007

Last week, the Glacier Ridge PTO paid to bring in a stone sculptor, Gideon Nyanhongo, from Zimbabwe, to come sculpt for the kids. He gave demonstrations to all the classes during the week. He also did a few sessions on sculpting with smaller groups, where students got to sculpt soap with Gideon. Two students from […]

West Virginia Weekend Part 5 (Final from Tim): The Inanimates

Date November 4, 2007

The weather was perfect. Cool and sunny. Bob has several apple trees behind the barn, and they produce fruit consistently, but the worms, birds, and deer get to them long before any humans. I liked the picture. This shed is missing part of its roof, it’s been shored up repeatedly in the back, and it’s […]

West Virginia Weekend Part 4: Fun with Molly

Date November 4, 2007

West Virginia Weekend Part 3: More Activities and "Firsts"

Date November 4, 2007

Benton — shown here on our buckeye hunt — and I (Tim) took Alana down to the river on Saturday morning and built a fire on the bank. After dark on Saturday night, the two of us walked the back way (down a deer trail cutting across a steep hill) down to the river and […]

West Virginia Weekend Part 2: A Pile of Leaves…

Date November 4, 2007

We spent close to two hours on Saturday afternoon with a large pile of leaves. Suffice it to say that: 1) our little mini-compact digital camera doesn’t do high-action-in-the-shade all that well, and 2) it’s hard to narrow down to a small number of pictures. Benton, Carson, and Alana all took turns running and jumping […]

West Virginia Weekend Part 1: Biggest News…

Date November 4, 2007

Saturday evening, Carson lost his first tooth. Despite the fact that Julie brought along his extra large, glow-in-the-dark tooth container, the Tooth Fairy was unable to find him in the remove reaches of western West Virginia.