Picture-Free, Unfortunately — Alana’s Stunt of the Week

Date December 21, 2007

I only captured half of this as a picture. If it happens again, I’ll make a matching set and post both.

Early this week, Julie and her mom went out to see a movie. Alana was in bed before they left. I got Benton and Carson down at 8:30 and then headed into my office. At 8:45, I heard someone coming down the stairs. It really sounded like Benton, but when I went out to check, it was Alana. She needed help with her belt.


She’d gotten out of her crib, taken off her pajamas, found a pair of jeans and a shirt, and gotten herself dressed.

But she needed help with her belt.

After some discussion, I determined that she was well aware that it was not yet morning, but she wanted to play and, thus, had gotten herself up and dressed. It took a bit of negotiation, but I managed to get her back into PJs (different from the ones in which she had gone to bed) and to bed.

The next night…the same thing happened.

The next day…at rest time, Alana decided to get undressed…and put on pajamas!

For the time being, I don’t fold her laundry any more, as, every time she is in her room alone, she empties her dresser across the floor and changes her clothes. Multiple times.

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