A Camouflage Christmas Runs Late into the Night

Date January 1, 2008

Benton and Carson both got full camouflage fleece ensembles — pants, sweatshirts, and gloves. I think they’ve taken them off once or twice since Christmas day.

Julie decreed that we go on a Christmas afternoon death march. The picture below was the most positive that the three kids were about the outing…and this was before we loaded up the car to drive over to the trail. Alana had a meltdown prior to the walk, and Benton opted to hang back and quietly mope most of the time.

By the evening, all three kids were back in a good mood. Sufficiently fine spirits that, when Alana and Carson wound up on Benton’s bed, Julie let herself be talked into letting all three of them camp out in Benton’s room. She was talked into this a good 1.5 hours after their bedtime, so you may be able to guess whether this arrangement actually stuck.

45 minutes after the above photo was taken, all kids were sent back to their respective beds. It was a doomed plan from the get-go.

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