Flora, Fauna, and Ice

Date January 7, 2008

Good conditions for some pretty interesting ice formations, such as all of the trees being “decorated:”
I snuck down to the pond at one point, and it was frozen over, although I’m not sure how thick it was:
So the “fauna” shot is a bit of a stretch! There were a flock of 20+ blue jays that swarmed the bird feeder next to the farmhouse each morning, Carson and I saw a couple of red-tailed hawks circling up by the farmhouse, and 7 or 8 deer came up to eat corn every evening. But, Old Man Elwyn was the only critter who moved slowly enough for me to catch him:
And…the view from the cabin. You can see the farmhouse and the barn in the distance.
I’ve actually managed to get to a satellite image of the property, but it’s so rural that the pictures are fairly low resolution. The green arrow is the farmhouse, and the picture above was taken from pretty close to the north end of that cleared area that the farmhouse is in.

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