Everything BUT "The Dog Ate My Blog"

Date January 29, 2008

It’s been two weeks since our last post. Excuses galore:

  • My parents were in town (we kept them busy)
  • I headed to Austin for a week
  • Our digital camera has gone missing

The last point is the real kicker. It’s got two or three sets of pictures that prompted Julie to exclaim, “I’m definitely going to blog THAT!” (she tends to use “I” in a very broad sense). At this point, we’re pretty sure we know where the camera disappeared, and we’re pretty sure that we’ll never see it again, so we need to get rolling with a replacement.

In very recent news, Alana woke up yesterday morning with a dry diaper. She removed it and then headed to her room to get dressed. We probably should have sent her to go potty first! We aren’t all that fond of the carpet upstairs, any way…

Alana also spent last night in her big girl bed. With Benton. The bed is Julie’s childhood bed — a four-poster that is rather high. We only have one railing/guard for it, so Benton was the railing on the other side. We’ll see if her nights in that bed stick, which will allow us to get rid of her crib!

With luck, Julie will find the time to tell a couple of other recent stories here soon.

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