Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…Keep Those Pink Wheels Rollin’…

Date February 19, 2008

I mentioned in an earlier post that Alana is surprisingly adept on her brothers’ Razor Scooters. I also mentioned that all three kids happily ride these scooters in extremely frigid weather (Benton and Carson have both experimented — unsuccessfully — with riding them on snow). What I failed to mention is that Julie took a page from one of her cousins’ books and brought the scooters inside a few weeks ago. Dining room –> kitchen (either side of the island) –> hall –> dining room is the preferred circuit.

The strictly enforced rule is that the door to the basement must be closed whenever this riding is going on. And shoes must be worn (so…that’s not as strictly enforced, as the picture below illustrates).The real problem we’ve run into is that there are three kids and only two scooters. This 3:2 ratio situation has been somewhat mitigated by introducing Alana’s Pink Princess Big Wheel, as well as her plastic-wheeled mini-tricycle (which we first got for Benton — amazing durability there, considering that it did a stint with the Quinlivan daughters as well) to the first floor racing circuit. All three kids enjoy all types of vehicles, although Benton is very leery of the camera when he’s cruising on the Pink Princess Big Wheel (“Do NOT put that picture on the Internet!”).

Still, it was clear that we needed to add a third scooter to the collection. And, yes, the Razor A Scooter is available in pink. It arrived today:

The picture we didn’t get:The box arrived just as Alana was sitting on the potty. In a fit of lack-of-foresight, Julie said something to the effect of, “Finish up so you can come see your pink scooter.” Alana damn near tore her purple panties in her haste to get them pulled up. Actually taking the time to put on pants was completely out of the question! She did remember the rule that shoes must be worn…but she was okay with the first two that she found, which happened to be one pink sandal and one brown shoe. Do you have the mental image yet? To recap: T-shirt, purple panties, one pink shoe, one brown shoe. Doing laps around our first floor. THAT would’ve been the picture that would have funded our retirement once Alana grows up and is a working professional with a reputation that needs to be upheld. Blackmail, people, blackmail!

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