Spousal communication

Date February 26, 2008

Julie and I were ribbing Benton this morning. He was taking it pretty well, but reaching his limit. The following exchange ensued:

J: That’s enough.
T: You started it.
J: No you’re not!
T: What?
J: You’re not sorry!
T: I didn’t say I was. I said, “You started it.”
J: Oh, I thought you said you were sorry. I guess I just decided to hear what I wanted to.
T: Yeah…and then disagreed with it!

This post inspired by karmalized.

2 Responses to “Spousal communication”

  1. Gilligan said:

    [Tim: One more reason I’m looking to get off of Blogger and move this blog to WordPress…but Bob Herbert tried to add the following comment and got an error, so he e-mailed it to me. I’m adding it myself!]

    It’s not just us “big” kids. I was driving Jordan (11) and her friend from school back home after a UT women’s basketball game. Due to both listening to their portable MP-3 players, their communication with each other was difficult. Jordan’s friend asked what she was listening to. Jordan said she was listening to “a bunch of old eighties songs” and what her friend heard was that she was listening to “a punch the old lady” song.

  2. kristin said:

    That’s awesome. Conversations make the best blog posts. Jef thinks one day he’ll get an entire movie script from my archives. I’ll have to send him over here as well.

    (Regarding Bob’s comment – There is a GREAT site all about mis-heard song lyrics called http://www.kissthisguy.com. My favorite one was “We built this city on Rock and Roll” was misheard as “We built this city on the wrong damn road.” I still giggle when I think about it.)

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