Yep. The Tetherball Saga Continues

Date March 15, 2008

One of the nice features of the blogging platform I’ve just switched to is that I can somewhat dynamically point you to all of the past posts related to my tetherball woes.

When last we checked in on this tale, we had just received a notification from our homeowners association that said something to the effect of, “You’ve added one heckuvan eyesore to your property, and that just ain’t gonna fly.” Julie submitted a retroactive request for approval of the pole. The response? Two options:

  • Plant three spruce trees near the pole to shield its eyesore-ness from our next-door neighbors
  • Relocate the pole to be closer to the back of our house

Needless to say, neither option appealed to me:

  • The spruce trees would definitely hinder games of catch in our backyard (not to mention the hassle of buying/planting them)
  • Relocating the pole closer to the house would put it in “Molly’s Poop Pit” (Julie’s term)

Luckily (from a marital harmony perspective), Julie didn’t like either option, either.

Once the snow melted down to 3-6″, I slogged out and removed the pole.

Don’t think, gentle reader, that this saga is over. Julie is now pondering a concrete-filled tire to make a semi-portable pole that can sit in the driveway and be stored in the garage. <sigh> “Stored in the garage.” That’s Julie’s version of penicillin — it is the first option to cure any problem!

 [Update: Julie read this and informed me that it is Benton, rather than she, who is making noise about the concrete-filled tire solution.]

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