An Eventful Weekend

Date March 17, 2008


Start with the Glacier Ridge Elementary Spring Meltdown (read: many kids, running wild, throughout the school). Carson was pretty hooked on the inflatable bouncer/slide/caterpillar/Velcro wall set up in the gym: 

Carson as a Blur on an Inflatable Slide

And there was face painting. Shocker: Carson went for the camouflage and Alana went for the butterfly.

Carson in Camouflage and Alana as a Butterfly

That was followed up by a birthday party…at Pump It up (all inflatable stuff — like in the gym) for 2 hours.

The kids recovered well enough on Sunday that Benton and Carson actually co-existed in one of the trees in our cul-de-sac. Pictures that are so few and far between these days:

Benton and Carson Sitting in a Tree

And Alana continued her eclectic attire. Yes, those are sandals. And, yes, that is snow in the background. And, yes, she walked in the snow in her sandals and commented that her feet got cold!

Alana in Sundress and Sandals…with Snow on the Ground

We’re still getting the hang of the new blog software — experimenting with different options for the pictures, but we’ll get it figured out.

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