Alana at the Hallacs — Visiting the Hallacs Part 2 of 3

Date March 27, 2008

As is the norm with this blog, Alana garners her own entry.

Anna Hallac has quite a wardrobe of dress-up clothes, which Alana was happy to make her way through. She tried on a dress…and then got to feed Maya:

Alana feeding Maya Hallac

She got to be Supergirl…but very much did not want that documented. Go ahead, call me cruel for taking the pictures anyway, but notice that Julie and Benton are having a grand time watching Alana’s performance!

Alana as an Irate Supergirl

She even found a fairy outfit that she put on all by herself:

Alana as a Fairy

But then Julie made her go potty…and she skipped a few parts of the costume when getting back into her fairy attire (no, I don’t think she will forgive me for posting this…but it’s damn funny!):

Alana as a Naked Fairy

And, she caught a 4-hour virus…that might have been a “I was up chattering away to myself until heaven knows when” ailment. She woke up, I got her dressed and brought her up from the basement, and she then zonked out on the breakfast table seating in the kitchen.

Alana zonked in the Hallac kitchen

She was zoned out for several hours until she had 4 licks of a Pedialite Popsicle, at which point she was cured!

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