A Beautiful, but SOGGY, Day for Soccer

Date April 5, 2008

Central Ohio this spring is wet. Stepping off of a paved area is like stepping onto a giant, springy sponge. The heavy snows melted, and it’s rained off and on ever since, so the ground has been extremely wet just about everywhere.

But…today was opening day for Carson’s soccer league, and the games must go on!

Carson before the game, expounding upon something or other to his teammates:

Carson before the game

Carson in the thick of the action:

Carson playing soccer

Carson playing soccer

Carson playing soccer

Carson later claimed that he fell down four times. I only saw two of them, and only caught one of them on camera:

Carson falling down at soccer

The end result was a kid who was pretty proud of the damage he’d done to his white uniform shirt and new soccer cleats and socks:

Carson showing off his soccer mud

Needless to say, he was stripped down to his underwear before he got back into the minivan for the ride home.

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  1. Our Little Carb-Loading Bird | Second Tree Blog said:

    […] Here’s a shot of Benton from a few weeks ago. You can see his braces. Not the greatest shot in the world, but he was looking straight into the sun. This was taken at Carson’s first soccer game of the season. […]

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