Alana in Her Mom’s Clothes (But Not What You’re Imagining)

Date April 25, 2008

Julie’s mom hangs on to…well…everything that has at least one quarter of a smidgen of sentimental value. This as been the source of countless Julie-Marilyn discussions (although Marilyn would probably say they feel more like lectures than true dialogue).

As I was going through Julie’s pictures from spring break, I came across these pictures of Alana in what sure looked like some sort of Disney princess outfit. Alana had gotten to dress up quite a bit at the Hallacs’ earlier in the week, so I was a bit curious as to what this princess outfit was doing at Marilyn’s house.

Alana in Julie\'s Old Halloween Costume

Alana in Julie\'s Old Halloween Costume

It turns out, this outfit was an old Halloween costume of Julie’s…from when she was small enough to wear it!

One Response to “Alana in Her Mom’s Clothes (But Not What You’re Imagining)”

  1. Mother Marilyn said:

    The costume that Alana is showing off was in deed a Halloween Custom for Julie from FASchartz toy store in NYC. Julie was in fourth grade when she wore this lovely Snow White outfit. Alana will look just as beautiful in it when she gets bigger.

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