Five Humans, Five Days

Date April 30, 2008

The following is a pictorial representation of a cycle we repeat approximately once every five days. The long-standing process in our household is:

  1. Everyone is responsible for getting their dirty clothes into a hamper in the laundry room
  2. Julie cycles laundry through and puts baskets of clean laundry in the corner of our bedroom (pictures below — in Austin, rather than “in the corner of our bedroom” it was “in a row along the wall in the hall”)
  3. Once we’ve reached some sort of critical mass (or gotten beyond critical mass), I do the folding. This includes divying up the laundry into a different basket for each person
  4. Benton’s clean basket goes to his room, Carson’s goes to his room, I put my clothes away, and Julie handles putting away the rest
  5. Repeat.

Friday Morning

Saturday Afternoon

Monday Evening

Tuesday Evening

Later Tuesday Evening

Not shown: The load of laundry that was not yet dry when this folding was completed, but which was ready to go on Wednesday morning!

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