Alana’s Egg Sandwich

Date May 9, 2008

My kids are pretty normal when it comes to food – segregation is preferred. I was that way as a child and yet managed grown up to appreciate that food touching on my plate is not only okay, it is often preferred. I am willing to cater to my children’s needs, as I believe them to be temporary, and we have a small collection of segregated plates to help with that. This way, the peas stay together and don’t roll into something that they might not be welcome to touch. (Given the amount of ketchup that generally accompanies most of Alana’s meals, this is a very helpful thing.) Tuesday night was a baseball practice night for both boys. So, I made dinner easy for myself and had scrambled eggs with peas, bananas and English muffins on the menu — all served up on a segregated plate. Alana was working her way through her meal when she decided to add the eggs to her English muffin. This might have been tasty to my adult pallet, except for the fact that it was a cinnamon and sugar sprinkled muffin. After a bite of that, Alana then added her peas. After eating a little of that, she added the bananas. Little did I know that this meal was meant to be a casserole. So, in case you are looking for some variety to the same old egg recipe, feel free to experiment with your own version of the Egg Sandwich. Bon Appetit!

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