Family Remodel – Part I – Furniture Recovering

Date May 11, 2008

Tim has been giving me some grief for not updating the blog with details about the family room’s new look. The house had a sunken family room with dark wood, dark blue carpeting, and some outdated trim that was in need of a more modern look. We started this project by deciding that we would use some money to buy a flat screen TV. As Tim likes to tell our friends, “The ‘new TV’ looks shockingly like new furniture.” That’s his way of pointing out that we purchased a couch and a couple of chairs…instead of a TV. The furniture shopping project kept me going through January and resulted in furniture delivered in March. The new colors of the furniture dictated that we needed to paint, re-carpet and recover an existing chair.

At this point, the trim has been replaced and painted, along with new colors for the walls, and the over-sized chair we previously had in our family room has gotten a new seat cover and cushions to make it fit in with the new color scheme. For this post, I will stick to the chair and the sewing project. As soon as the carpet is in, which will be a few weeks, I will update you with pictures of the whole room. I hate to show off the paint job and new furnishings (in reds and beiges) while they are sitting on dark blue carpeting.

The red chair previously had a cushion in yellows with lots of other bright colors. It was not something that would work in the new version of the family room. This is what the chair looked like before we got started. (Since I did not take a before picture of it, I searched and found a “slightly” older picture with it. Any guess as to how long ago this was taken (hint – Benton is the child in it and he is now 9!)

Rather than getting a new chair, I decided the cost effective thing to do was to recover the seat. With the critical help of my mother, we managed to sew a pretty decent cushion cover….. only I did not like the look. It appeared to be a little out of place. So, the next step, to remedy the situation, was to sew pillows in a more varied selection of fabrics to tie it together.

This time, I had Alana’s help. Here she is helping me sew the contrasted piping for one pillow by controlling the foot pedal with her hand.

Once we were done, Alana decided to show off our pillow creation.

And voila! The finished project……

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